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Welcome to VBShareSoft©, home of unique 'one of a kind' applications for the PC!

On this site you'll find Windows programs ranging from puzzles for children, to powerful new Add-Ins for Excel, as well as ActiveX components for software developers and even some free source code. VBShareSoft is also available for your custom programming needs in Visual Basic and VBA (Excel, Outlook, Word, etc.). See: About the Author for more information.

Check out what's new below, and then click the 'Programs' button to your left for a look at some programs you've probably never seen before (and never realized you needed - until now!).

Note that this site still under development. If a link is not active yet, the program is in the process of being made available on the web. Please check back soon!

Currently Available Programs

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Copyright VBShareSoft, 1987-2004

Fresh Wallpaper every day, with a scrolling calendar!
Holidays© can calculate and remind you of 300+ US and International Holidays, as well as personal events like birthdays and anniversaries! Print 'reminder' wallpaper on your desktop, and never miss another appointment or special day!
Included is a companion Add-In for Excel with functions like =LaborDay(2004), or =RecurringDate("Cub Scout Meeting",...) so your spreadsheets can keep you informed too! Now isn't THAT unique?


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Dr. Izzy's Classic Word Search©
Copyright VBShareSoft, 1994-2004

Create Word Search Puzzles right on your Printer!
No Teacher should be without it!


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Dr. Izzy's Classic Cross Sums©
Copyright VBShareSoft, 1994-2004

Create Cross Sum Puzzles right on your Printer!
No (Math) Teacher should be without it!

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Instant Lined Paper©
Copyright VBShareSoft, 1994-2004

  !UPDATED VERSION! - 3/22/04

Create Standard Business and School paper right on your Printer!
No Teacher should be without it!

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VBSPowerball for Excel©
Copyright VBShareSoft, 2000-2004

Play your Powerball Numbers with Excel!


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Coffee Trails©
Copyright VBShareSoft, 2004

NEW! BETA v3.2.6
Tired of spending $9.99/lb for 'Gourmet' coffee? I was too, and with very little effort and expense I began roasting my own for about HALF the price (and it tastes a lot better too)! But, you need some way to track your beans and roasts, so you can repeat your efforts, and there simply wasn't any software available (until now!). 


MANY More Programs to Come! - Please Check Back Again!

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