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Holidays! Add-In for Excel

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VBShareSoft - Holidays! Function Tutorial

Add all the built in dates from Holidays! for Windows, to your Excel worksheets!

It's just this simple...

  1. Open/Load the Holidays! Add-In ( vbsHolidays.xla)
  2. Open the "vbsHolidays Example.xls" workbook (included in the download)...

  3. In cell B1, the Year 2002 has been entered.
  4. In cell B61 (highlighted in yellow) the function =EASTER($B$1) has been entered.
    That's right! Just like you'd enter =SUM(B1:B25) in a cell
    (only here we're passing the Year in cell B1, to the =EASTER() function).
  5. And voila! cell B61 displays: Sun - Mar 31 - the date for Easter in 2002!
    *Note that it actually returns the number 37346, a 'dateserial', which is what the computer/Excel understands, and what it will look like in Excel if the cell's format is set to 'General' or 'Text' (@). I applied a format of: "ddd - mm/dd/yy" to the cells above, but you can use any other valid date format you'd like!
  6. Now change the Year in cell B1 from 2002 to 2003, and B61 will
    display: Sun - Apr 20 - the date for Easter in 2003! And all the other functions will re-calculate as well!

And there are over 300 Holidays! functions to choose from!

Note: that this program is included with the Windows version of Holidays!