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Coffee Trails©
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New! for Home Coffee Roasting!
No Home Roaster should be without it!

With Coffee Trails© you can track:

  • Beans
  • Beans Purchases
  • Cupping/Tasting
  • Roasting
  • Grinding
  • Print Personalized Labels for your
    Roasts, and much, much, more!
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Click to Download Program

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Coffee Trails FREE 3.2.6 4/29/03 12.95 MB 40:00 @ 56K


Program Description:

BETA Version 3.2.6

Notes about the BETA version:

BETAs are a 'pre-release' versions of software, meant for testing.
Download and install the BETA with the understanding that the 'release' version may be different (e.g. don't spend too much time entering your entire bean inventory, because you might have to do it all over again)!

As a BETA program, there are still areas which are not fully complete...
The Help file is a prime example. It will eventually contain detailed information for each window in the program. However since there could be significant changes after this BETA, I've decided that since nobody ever reads them anyway ;) I'll wait until the release version. Currently the Help file only contains a topic which describes the function of each button on the toolbars.

Moreover, I am also still working on some Reports. A 'base' set of reports is included, but I have plans for additional reports for: Suppliers, Purchases, Grinding, etc.

A BETA Questionnaire (text file) is included in the Setup program, and will be copied to the program directory. Please keep this file handy while you're testing the software and enter any problems or suggestions you might have as you go along. When you've completed your testing, please return the completed questionnaire (attach the text file in an email) to:

The BETA period will end on Monday May 12, 2003, so please have them returned by then if you want your comments included in the first 'release' version.

One more important note is that the program uses ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) to communicate with the database. Most of the newer OSís install ADO by default when you install the OS (2000, XP, etc.). Moreover, other MS Apps (Access, Excel, etc.) will also install ADO if itís not present. Therefore, since itís a BIG file, I have NOT included it in my SETUP program. If you find the program doesnít work, you will need to download and install ADO from Microsoft (get it here:

After downloading the ZIP file, extract all the files to a temporary directory, run SETUP.EXE and follow the instructions.

After installing the program, launch it, and select Coffee|Options... from the menu.
Look at each 'tab' in the dialog, and enter any Default settings you will need. I have pre-filled a good amount of data here, but I'm sure I've missed a few Roasters or Grinders, etc.

If you have any questions or 'show stopping problems' feel free to send an email to

Mmmm Coffee!


Revision History:

Version Date Revision Description
3.2.6 4/29/03
  1. BETA #2 - Initial Release.
  2. Re-work from Beta 1 suggestions
3.2.5 3/18/03
  1. BETA #1 - Initial Release.

Coffee Trails©
Copyright, VBShareSoft, 2004
Revised: 03/22/04