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Dr. Izzy's Classic Word Search©
Copyright VBShareSoft, 2004

Create Word Search Puzzles on your Printer!
No Teacher should be without it!

Create puzzles for ANY topic you choose!
Great for spelling homework, and long car rides!

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vbs_DrIzzysWordSearch.zip FREE 5.0.2 3/22/04 2.66 MB 5:00 @ 56K

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Program Description:

After downloading, see the included Help file for instructions on using the program.

Note that this program was written to PRINT Word Search Puzzles for you to play with paper and pencil (after it comes out of your Printer ;). It does not allow you to 'play' the game on the computer!

Dr. Izzy's is Great for Teachers!  It's a super way to reinforce this week's spelling homework, and you can even print 2 or more unique 'Solutions' for a single Puzzle with just 2 clicks! So every student gets the same words, but a different solution = no cheating!

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Revision History:

Version Date Revision Description
5.0.2 3/22/04
  1. Fixed Footer spanning 2 pages on some Inkjet printers.
5.0.1 5/15/03
  1. Initial Release.

Dr. Izzy's Classic Word Search©
Copyright, VBShareSoft, 2004
Revised: 03/22/04