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Instant Lined Paper©
Copyright VBShareSoft, 2004

Create Standard Business and School paper, right on your Printer!
No Teacher should be without it!

It's 11pm... your project is due tomorrow,
and no store is open to sell you the graph paper you need?
No problem! Create it right on your Printer!
Also creates 'Kindergarten', Notebook, Polar, and Ledger papers!

NEW! - Polar Paper!
NEW! - NO Spacing Limits!
NEW! - Save paper settings for easy re-use!

Filename (click to Download) Cost Version Date Size ~DL Time FREE 1.0.5 3/22/04 1.98 MB 4:00 @ 56K

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Program Description:

I think everyone on the planet has needed 'Graph Paper', at least once in their life.
This program was created out of one of these moments...

It's an otherwise peaceful day, and then for some reason...


"Nope, none in the house..."

"Just what is this going to cost me for the 2 pieces I need, and how much gas will I waste driving all over the city looking for it?", were the first thoughts that came to mind.

But on that occasion, instead of just grabbing the car keys, I sat down for a few hours and put together a very simple program that draws lines to the Printer, and just made the stupid graph paper ;).

Sure, the drive may have been quicker in the short run, but now I have graph paper for life!

Of course, while I was at it, I couldn't help adding options for printing 'Kindergarten', Notebook, Polar, and Ledger papers too!

Program Toolbar: 

New - Create a New paper, based on the currently selected paper.
Portrait - Make the current paper Portrait.
Landscape - Make the current paper Landscape.
Preview - Preview the current Paper. (HINT - Click anywhere on the Preview to Close it).
Print - Print the Current Paper.
Calculator - Run the Windows Calculator program (e.g. if you need to convert metric to decimal inches).
Show Tips (Toggle) - Display Input/Printing Tips at the bottom of the dialog.

Select a File from the Paper List

To create your own papers...

  1. Select a paper of the same type (e.g. Notebook) that's similar to the paper you want to create.
  2. Click the 'New' Toolbar button.
  3. The following input dialog will be displayed...
  4. Enter a new Name for your Paper (e.g. 'My Default Notebook')
  5. Click the OK button.
  6. Modify the Y and/or X Spacings, Margins, etc.

Spacings, Margins, etc.

Enter All Spacing in 'Decimal Inches'.
For example: 0.2500 = 1/4", 0.3750 = 3/8", and 0.5000 = 1/2".

Grid Input Example

Grids may have the same (1" x 1") or different (1" x 2") X and Y Spacings.
When the 'Sync X and Y Spacing' checkbox is checked, changing a value in a Spacing textbox, will automatically update the other textbox to the same value.
Uncheck this checkbox to allow for different X and Y Spacings (e.g. 1" x 2").

Ledger Input Example

Notebook Input Example

Polar Input Example

School Input Example



Exactly the paper you need... just reach for your printer!


Revision History:

Version Date Revision Description
1.0.4 3/22/04
  1. Major Facelift!
  2. Added Polar paper.
  3. COLOR Printing.
  4. NO Spacing Limits.
  5. Save papers for easy re-use.
1.0.3 5/15/03
  1. Initial Release.

Instant Lined Paper©
Copyright, VBShareSoft, 2004
Revised: 03/22/04