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A Perpetual Desktop Calendar, and Much Much More!
Never $BUY another 'Holiday' list (.CSV file) again!!! EVER!!!
Over 300 Holidays to choose from!

Holidays is Shareware! Try it for 30 days risk free!

Download includes the Windows Program, Excel Add-In, and Examples!

Filename (click to Download) Cost Version Date Size ~DL Time
*See Below 2.0.8 6/30/03 3 MB 9:00 @ 56K

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Getting Started
Add your own Events to Holidays!
Create Desktop Shortcuts
Holidays! Add-In for Excel
See the Complete Holidays! List here
How to register


Program Description:

  •  Never $BUY another 'Holiday' list (.CSV file) again!!! EVER!!!
    See the Complete List here!
  •  Export CSV or Tab delimited files for Excel / Access / Word,
     or any other program that can read them...from now until the year 9999!
     (*Evaluation version is limited to the year 2004).
  •  Includes US State Holidays - All 51 - with all their quirks!
     (e.g. moving a Holiday to a Friday, if it falls on a Saturday)
  •  Includes over 100 International Holidays!
  •  Exports/Imports Holidays and Appointments to/from Outlook.
  •  Print Cool Wallpaper and Lists on your Desktop,
     using built in Holidays! and your own Events.
  •  Keep track of your personal remembrances!
     (e.g. all the Birthdays and Anniversaries you usually forget, etc.)

    If you enter the 'start year' for your remembrance,
    (e.g. birth year, wedding year, etc.) Holidays! will remind
    you how long you've been celebrating! For example,
    Tue  10/22/02 - Mom's Birthday [42] will remind you that
    Mom will be 42 that year, or possibly SAVE YOUR HIDE
    if a 25th Wedding Anniversary is coming up...
    e.g. Tue  10/22/02 - Our Anniversary! [25].
    Keep track of the whole Family, and ALWAYS know just how
    old someone is, or which Anniversary is coming up!

It's as simple as it looks! Just 'check' the Holidays you want, and add your own events!


Also included with Holidays!...

Holidays! For Excel Add-In!

ALL NEW Functions for Excel!
Wouldn't =Easter($B$1) be cool in your worksheet?... Check it out!

See All the Excel Add-Ins from VBShareSoft

Holidays! Prints Calendar Wallpaper on your Desktop!

  • Use any background picture (bitmap) you'd like!
  • A simple Shortcut in your 'Startup Group', will print a 'fresh' wallpaper, every time you 'Restart' your computer! (e.g. the red box in the picture below will move each day, and when the next month comes around...it knows what to do)!
  • Holidays! will even automatically 'grab' all your Outlook 'Calendar' events, and create your wallpaper from what it finds!

    Every day... Refreshed on your Desktop... Automatically!

  • Or refresh your wallpaper whenever you'd like, by simply double-clicking a shortcut on your Desktop!

Here's a small example of what you can do...

Keep in mind that any wallpaper you create, can also be sent directly to your Printer (Portrait or Landscape, B/W or Color)!

  • Use a 'Tiled' background picture...
    The background picture used below is actually one very small picture of a few stars, which has been 'tiled' (repeated) over, and over, and over again, all automatically, by Holidays!

    Original Bitmap:

    Is turned into the Holidays! Wallpaper below...

*the image above was created at 1024x768 resolution, and is just a 'cropping' of the full size image.

  • Or use a 'Bordered' background...
    Here we have Green Bay Packer helmets, repeated down the side - my favorite ;).
    The background picture used below is actually only one helmet 'high', with a lot of 'white space' to it's right, so that only it's 'height' repeats (e.g. the picture's width equals your screen's width).

    *the image above was created at 1024x768 resolution, and is just a 'cropping' of the full size image.

    Move the Calendar and List around your screen, resize it, or change the colors...
    You create it!

Download Holidays Now!

Registration Fees:


  How to register

Single User:


$12.99 (US Dollars*) Single user/workstation
Multiple User:


$  9.99 (US Dollars*) Per user/workstation
You MUST enter a Quantity greater than One (1)
during the payment process !!! Minimum order is $19.98
(Single Site):


$75.00 (US Dollars*) Includes a Single User License, a License to use the Holidays! Custom Controls (OCX and DLL files) and all the code, in your own VB/VBA/ActiveX programs! No Run-time Distribution.
Run-time Distribution:   Write me with your details for a quote.
*Wisconsin buyers add 5.6% sales tax.
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Shareware Registration:

How To Register:

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Credit or Debit
Card at PayPal!
  1. Make your payment using the appropriate button above*.

  2. VBShareSoft is notified of the payment by PayPal, and processes your order.

  3. Within 1-2 Business days, VBShareSoft will send you an email with your User Name and Registration Number.

  4. Check your email periodically (e.g. check the email account where PayPal sent your receipt - at least once per day, for the next 2 business days).
    When you receive the email from VBShareSoft, just enter your User Name and Registration Number in the Startup screen, and click the Register button! You're all set!

    You will now be able to Export Holidays, use the Excel Add-In, and Print Calendars and Wallpaper for ANY Month or Year!
    Thanks for your support!

    *Important Note! The email containing your User Name and Registration Number, will be sent to the email address you provide to PayPal during the payment in Step 1
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Revision History:

Version Date Revision Description
"Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali
  1. Initial Release.
  2. Please send email to support@vbsharesoft.com
  3. See the Complete Holidays! List here!

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