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P. Scott Antony (aka VBShareSoft©)

For over 15 years now, from a small home office in Milwaukee, WI, VBShareSoft (formerly: Spreadsheet Solutions) has been burning the midnight oil (literally!) to create unique software solutions using Visual Basic (VB 6) and VBA (MS Office products / Excel, Outlook, Word, etc.).

During normal waking hours I work as a consultant, and have written programs for many major companies in Wisconsin including: Johnson Wax, Northwestern Mutual Life, and Wisconsin Electric, specializing in application development (e.g. writing Windows EXEs) but you'll also find me writing things in Excel that you wouldn't believe possible (what's on this site so far, is just the tip of the iceberg ;).

If you have a need for custom programming in VB or VBA, please consider contacting me at info@vbsharesoft.com.

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