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Excel Add-Ins

Adds new functions to Excel like: =EASTER(2002), or =LABORDAY(2002) and works until the year 9999!!! A perpetual Holiday Calendar for Excel!
Wouldn't =APRILFOOLSDAY(2002) be cool in your worksheet?... check it out!

Periodic Table
Lots of scientific functions here, like: =Electronegativity("Fe") and constants like =BoltzmansConstant()!
All you ever wanted to know about the Periodic Table - in Excel!

Super XL File Finder
Search your hard drives, and have the results placed neatly in a worksheet for you! Double click in a cell, and the file is launched, just like Explorer! It even moves, copies, and renames files, right from within Excel! And it can even change the Dates and Times of files! Cool!

TalkBack Voice Proofreader
So you just entered 300 Payments to your Excel worksheet, and there's no one around to help you 'proof' the numbers? Let TalkBack for Excel "read" your numbers back to you (over your computer speakers!). Way Cool!

ZIP Code Distance Calculator
Calculate the distance between two ZIP codes, from a cell in your worksheet!
=DistBtwnPoints(Lat Start, Long Start, Lat End, Long End)

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Freeware Programs

 FREE Windows Programs (VB6)

Dr. Izzy's Classic Wordsearch
The classic word search game you played as a kid, but now you pick the words!

Instant Lined Paper
It's 10pm, and no store is open that will sell you graph paper?
No problem! Create it right on your Printer! And it will also create 'Kindergarten', Notebook, and Accounting paper!

Cross Sums
Another classic puzzle, but this time try your math skills!

Free Excel Goodies

NFL Scorekeeper
Lots of logos, and a 'Pool Picker' makes this one a lot of fun!
It even contains all the logic to decide who's going to make the playoffs, based on records and scores!
Just enter each game's score for week, and it will give you statistics like Points For/Against, Points Home and Away, as well as Head to Head!

World Time
This one displays the current time for many World cities, from a cell in your worksheet.

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Programmer's SDK

 Windows Programs/Code (VB6)

ActiveX Controls (.OCX files)

Holidays ActiveX Controls
Use the controls you see in the Holidays! programs, in your own projects!

Associated Icon Control
Just set the Filename() Property of this control, and it will display the icon associated with the File on the user's computer!

Periodic Table
A 'blind' control, just set the Element() Property, and retrieve any of that element's associated properties!

URL/Mail Hyperlinks
Textbox and Label controls with "URL" and "Email" properties, and an animated cursor!

ActiveX DLLs (.DLL files)

VBS FilePro
A DLL to do just about anything with a file, or file dialog! Over 100 Properties and Methods!

Control Manipulator
A DLL to Move and Resize objects, with all the properties of the 'Format' menu, and more!

A DLL to determine the CRC32 value for a File.


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